Welcome to Physician's Weight Control and Wellness Centers (Weight Loss Clinics in Dallas, Arlington, and Waco, Texas)

Managing your weight is a marathon,
not a series of 100-yard dashes!

Our doctors do not perform surgery for weight loss. Our doctors encourage patients to achieve weight loss with total fitness and well being. They help patients plan meals and snacks to include a variety of healthy food choices along with exercise and support to achieve their goal.

Moderation, rather than deprivation, is our doctors philosophy to a lifetime of healthy eating.

The warm, caring support you receive during your clinic visits will help you maintain focus and motivation, lose weight, and look and feel your best.

Our great doctors have helped thousands of men and women achieve their healthy weight goals.


Our Dallas office is now offering Botox and Juvederm facial fillers.  For more information about our facial services please call our Dallas office.  214-827-1060


Email us at info@drweightcontrol.com

E-mail is not monitored on a continued basis, please do not use e-mail to change or cancel your appointment.


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Inclement Weather

In hazardous weather our offices follow school closings in the area. If schools are closed, we will also be closed. Thank you for understanding.

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