Can you eat a healthy Thanksgiving dinner that still tastes good? Absolutely!

If you’re a Paleo or Keto fan or somebody that is interested in keeping Thanksgiving healthy without sacrificing deliciousness, here are some tips:

EAT TURKEY!!!  – Meat is your friend on Thanksgiving, so eat it like there’s no tomorrow.  The more protein and healthy fats you have, the less room you’ll have for unhealthy sides like biscuits, stuffing, and so on.

VEGGIES DOMINATE THE PLATE – Asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and whatever other veggies are on that table – go for those! And no, corn is not a vegetable – it’s a grain; your body doesn’t process it very well (though you’ve probably noticed that).

BACON-IZE IT! – Nitrate-free, hormone-free, uncured bacon goes great on practically everything. Wrap your sweet potatoes in it.  Cover the top of the turkey with it.  Serve it as a side.  You can’t go wrong with bacon.

SWAP OUT REGULAR POTATOES FOR SWEET POTATOES – Sweet potatoes are a far healthier option for you than regular potatoes. If you’re craving mashed taters, make em sweet!  I’m a huge fan of sweet potato slices, drizzled in olive oil and baked in the oven for 12 minutes on each side at 375 degrees.

HYDRATE! No matter what you’re drinking at dinner, have a big glass of water as well.  Before you can get yourself another beer/glass of wine/cocktail, you have to finish your water.

SAVE THE UNHEALTHY STUFF FOR LAST – Unfortunately, things like rolls and stuffing are calorie dense but volume light, meaning you could eat ten rolls and not feel any less hungry. If you have a problem with overeating bad foods and stopping yourself after just one, save it until the end.   Then towards the end of the meal, after you’ve finished your plate of healthy stuff, try some of the unhealthy stuff. Small portions.

GET BACK ON TRACK THE NEXT DAY-  The day after Thanksgiving, you may opt to do an intermittent fast or at least treat it like the rest of your healthy days.  Get up and go for your walk, make yourself a good breakfast, complete your workout and let your body recover from the overload.

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