A Post Round-Up

By July 13, 2020 Diet Tips

We hope you’re visiting our blog regularly to keep up on great health and nutrition tips. Here’s a round-up of recent posts – in case you missed them!

How to Choose the Right Supplements

Walking into a store to purchase supplements can be extremely overwhelming. Any given store has about a bajillion options, so figuring out what is best can be tricky. All of the labels will claim they are the best and what you need, however, there have been independent studies proving otherwise. It can be discouraging. It’s difficult to know if going more expensive is the answer (spoiler: it isn’t always the case) or if one form over the other is best. There are things to look for to help you make your decision, so hopefully the next time you walk into a store, you will have a better understanding after reading this.

The first thing you want to understand is what type of supplement you are looking for and what support you are looking for. For example, you might have heard magnesium is helpful for constipation, but there are several forms. The most common forms of magnesium are magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate. There are others but typically these are what you will find in most supplement sections. If you are looking for constipation help, you would choose the magnesium citrate form. Understanding what form of supplement you are looking for is step one! READ MORE

When Should I Eat?

“You Shouldn’t Eat Unless You’re Hungry.”

If there’s a more dangerous piece of dieting advice out there, I don’t know what it is.

My experiences have taught me that hunger isn’t your friend. Hunger is 100 million years of evolution that has taught your body to recognize that either you eat or you die. While scientists are slowly teasing out neurohormonal building blocks of hunger, you need not travel any further than the local supermarket to see how powerful they are. WATCH THE VIDEO

Do I Need To Stop Eating The Things I Love?

When we talk about losing weight, watching what we eat, dieting, etc., it’s difficult to know what that means and what we need to cut out from our daily meal intake. Some people assume a salad-only diet is the only way to lose weight. While that’s certainly not the case, it is important to examine the things we are eating and ask ourselves how they might negatively affect our weight.

Processed foods and quick, easy-to-grab foods are often a culprit. Oftentimes, those things are not only easy but they taste good to us and we crave the flavor. Dr. Chris Puempel says these foods are addictive and many people have real addictions to foods in the same way a person can be addicted to alcohol. WATCH THE VIDEO

Hormone Balance

All of us started as a single cell. Along the way, that cell divided and morphed in very individual ways. Some of us may have ended up short or tall, dark skinned or light, clever or slow, night owls or early birds. Scientists like to attribute most of those traits to inherited genes. But much of the work in crafting the traits that make each of us unique is performed by a family of chemicals known as hormones.

Various tissues of the body secrete hormones into fluids, like blood. From there, the hormones travel far from the place they were made until they reach cells that read the chemical as an instruction. READ MORE

We believe in making healthy, lifelong changes to your daily eating and exercise patterns. Physician’s Weight Control & Wellness’s programs are different from other weight loss programs in that they are specifically constructed by bariatric specialists to meet each patient’s individual needs based on their body chemistry, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. Our individualized programs focus on providing positive alternatives to unhealthy habits and targeting foods that provide your body with the specific nutrients it needs for optimal energy and fat metabolism. Practical exercise and hydration are also implemented into our overall program.

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