Changing These Habits Could Help You Lose Weight

By March 23, 2020 Wellness Coaching

As Wellness Coach Shaun Miskelly has previously discussed, breaking habits is one of the first steps to getting on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. We get used to our routines and methods of how we do things, and rewiring these thoughts and habits takes work on our part. Our Wellness Coaching program at PWCC works to help you identify the habits that could be preventing you from losing weight. We identify these habits and then help you discover why you formed these habits, and later help you overcome them. This leads you to make healthier choices and eliminate all the negative habits you have been incorporating.

Here are some examples of these negative habits you can change today:

Staying Up Late

The later you stay up, the more snacking becomes part of that equation. Whether you’re scrolling on social media, watching television or working from your laptop, it’s easy to get caught up in snacking to help pass this time. Also, it seems that the later it is, the more likely we are to reach for sweets like ice-cream or cookies. So how do you change this? Set a bedtime and stick to it. Plan to go to bed by 10 PM and create a routine or ritual surrounding that. Just like children thrive on bedtime routines, adults are no different. Brush your teeth, floss, wear some of those fancy moisturizing gloves – whatever it is, make it a part of your day you look forward to. Maybe it’s reading a good book you can’t wait to get back to. Start your routine at the same time each evening and pretty soon you’ll have created a great habit that keeps you from indulging in unhealthy snacks.

Eat Dinner Earlier

The earlier you eat dinner, the more time your body has to digest. We have talked about intermittent fasting and the benefits it can have on weight loss and overall health. “Intermittent fasting has proven results, from weight loss to improvements in metabolic health, which can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Fasting for 16 hours can sound extreme, but when you can schedule your fast overnight, it’s just as effective AND you’re asleep for at least half that time!”

Keep Healthier Snacks on Hand

When we’re hungry and don’t have a lot of time, we end up reaching for what’s easy – most of the time, that means fast food or vending machine snacks like chips or a candy bar. Instead, buy some nut mixes and keep a jar of peanut butter and some fruit at your desk. This way, when you’re getting hungry or need a snack to tide you over until lunchtime, you have something within reach. When you do go to lunch, you won’t be super hungry and you’ll hopefully make smarter, more nutritious choices when choosing what to eat.

Whether you have long-term goals or short-term goals like losing 10 pounds, for example, a wellness coach will help you find ways to reach them that are achievable and attainable. We have a conversation to better understand who you are as an individual and how your daily habits can help or hinder your progress. After exploring this, we will develop an action plan that suits your busy lifestyle. Over time, you’ll slowly make changes in your habits and lifestyle that positively impact your health. You will get used to the idea that you can in fact be successful in changing negative habits and you will incorporate healthy ones into your life. Once you have created these good habits, we will continue to build on that momentum. The timing of how and when this all happens is unique to you and your lifestyle.

Our goal is to guide you back to self-efficacy—to believe that you can be successful in making positive changes and sustaining those changes over time—and show you just how successful you can be with reaching your wellness ambitions.

The process of behavioral change is both enlightening and empowering and it is that experience of empowerment and enlightenment that makes the changes you make sustainable.

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Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash