Do I Need to Stop Eating the Things I Love?

By July 6, 2020 Weight Loss

When we talk about losing weight, watching what we eat, dieting, etc., it’s difficult to know what that means and what we need to cut out from our daily meal intake. Some people assume a salad-only diet is the only way to lose weight. While that’s certainly not the case, it is important to examine the things we are eating and ask ourselves how they might negatively affect our weight.

Processed foods and quick, easy-to-grab foods are often a culprit. Oftentimes, those things are not only easy but they taste good to us and we crave the flavor. Dr. Chris Puempel says these foods are addictive and many people have real addictions to foods in the same way a person can be addicted to alcohol.

Giving up these foods without help is difficult. At Physician’s Weight Control & Wellness Center, nurses and wellness coaches help in first identifying your problem area and challenges to get you on a physician-guided program that is tailored to you. When you do it on your own, you’re less likely to stay the course. Jenna, FNP-BC says that’s probably why there are so many “yo-yo diets” out there and why people give up easily.

“It’s hard to go cold turkey on the things we really love,” says Lori MSN, FNP-C. Listen to PWCC discuss some useful ideas here:

We believe in making healthy, lifelong changes to your daily eating and exercise patterns. Physician’s Weight Control & Wellness’s programs are different from other weight loss programs in that they are specifically constructed by bariatric specialists to meet each patient’s individual needs based on their body chemistry, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. Our individualized programs focus on providing positive alternatives to unhealthy habits and targeting foods that provide your body with the specific nutrients it needs for optimal energy and fat metabolism. Practical exercise and hydration are also implemented into our overall program.

We encourage you to become a part of our successful weight loss program. We offer 50 years of safety, experience, knowledge, and expertise found nowhere else!

Contact us with any questions about Physician’s Weight Control & Wellness Center and how we can help you in your journey to better health.

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash