A Round-Up of Tips for Eating Well During the Holidays

By December 24, 2019 Weight Loss

Happy Holidays from Physician’s Weight Control and Wellness Center!

While the holidays can be a magical time of year, they can also bring up a lot of stress, whether that’s trying to find the perfect gift or trying to avoid all the rich desserts and treats when you’re watching what you eat. We’ve compiled some of our recent posts here that are full of helpful tips on how to still enjoy a holiday party and indulge in a dessert without compromising your health goals.

We know these tips will help you in enjoying the holiday season and allow you to still be mindful about what you eat! Be sure to come back to read about New Year’s Resolutions and goals for a healthy 2020!

A quick and easy dessert that’s healthier than cheesecake and tastier than fruit cake.

You can enjoy the holidays just like everyone else. Intermittent fasting can take some days to get used to, especially if you’re used to eating breakfast every morning. But you can get used to the process in a fair amount of time and see the results you’d get from stricter more limiting diets.

A strategy that can work for you so you can still enjoy a treat from time to time.