Exercise for Weight Maintenance 

By January 11, 2018 Exercise And Nutrition

Most weight loss occurs with a modification in diet; however, evidence shows the best way to maintain weight loss is to engage in regular physical activity.

We all know and understand the importance of physical activity; it helps reduce stress and anxiety, can reduce high blood pressure, reduce risk of cardiovascular events and type II diabetes. I think many individuals struggle with keeping weight off because they are not engaging in regular physical activity.

Find something you enjoy doing, and don’t get stressed out trying to learn something new. Start small and take small steps towards learning and engaging in a new exercise regimen, even if that means taking your dog for a 10 minute walk 3 times per week.

Physical activity comes in many forms… weight lifting, cardio, zumba, crossfit, yoga, cycling, barre classes etc.  Take your time and find something you like doing so you’ll stick with it.

Find a form of exercise to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. Most people find that they feel better if they move a bit more and gain strength. Weight management is a journey and we have all the tools necessary to be successful, but don’t be afraid to ask for some help!  We’re here for you.


Source: Excercise and Nutrition

Exercise for Weight Maintenance