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When focusing only on weight loss, exercise by itself generally does not produce great results. But, before you cancel your gym membership and kick up your heels in the lazy boy, realize that there is no better thing that you can do to improve your overall health than to create an active lifestyle and exercise regularly. When incorporating this activity/exercise with a sound nutrition plan, weight loss results are maximized and healthy living is achieved.

Exercising for health differs from exercising for cosmetics and/or body sculpting.

Healthy results can be achieved with little time consumed and minimal injury risk. It has been shown that mild to moderate exercise (30-60 mins) daily can improve health tremendously. Realize that even a few times per week is better than nothing. Even doing short bouts (10 mins) of exercise throughout the day can be almost as beneficial as exercising all at once.

The idea should be just to get moving.

And keep moving.

Be consistent and persistent.

And don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a few days (or weeks). Find the activity(s) you enjoy (or don’t hate). You will be much more likely to continue an activity you don’t mind. Discover what kind of exercise recharges your battery. You might enjoy the gym or group exercise classes (extroverts recharge in groups), or perhaps you enjoy solitary activities (introverts recharge in solitude). Discovering your comfort zone can reduce stress with your exercise routine. Once you have developed your routine, try other exercises/activities to maximize your health. Try things like yoga, weight training, meditation, stretching, etc. Adding these things into your routine can make a real difference.

How did your last weight loss plan go?

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond helping you shed those extra pounds. We aim to guide you towards a lifestyle that celebrates health, vitality, and balance. Under the careful supervision of our expert team, Hormone Replacement Therapy can be a key component in this journey.