Here Come the Holidays

By November 1, 2018 Exercise And Nutrition, News

The first holiday of the season just passed.  How did you do with the Halloween candy temptation??  Did you find yourself searching through the kids candy for your favorite treats??  Did you begin buying your candy early in October and eat your way through it before Halloween even arrived?

Let’s be real – dieting during the holidays is HARD!  The season can be totally overwhelming and between holiday dinners, office parties, gift exchanges, grandma’s recipes and a thousand other events that pop up between Halloween and the ringing in of the new year, the opportunities for weight gain become more plentiful than holiday crowds at the mall.

Holiday Parties + Holiday Stress + Lack of Sleep + Out of Routine + Delicious, traditional eats could lead to TROUBLE!

Fear not!  You can take pleasure in the holidays and even sample your favorite delicious foods.  How?  Awareness, mindfulness and planning are key.

Patients have chimed in with suggestions on how they were successful in maintaining, and even losing weight during the holiday season.

  1. Plan ahead!! Know when you will be eating more than usual and balance that out with a periodic intermittent fast the following day.
  2. Be picky! Only eat what you absolutely love and only indulge in once a year.  Say no to the foods that you eat often and/or do not find delicious.  Balance it out.  Indulge wisely.
  3. MOVE! Keep up the activity with NO EXCUSES.
  4. Use a 3 bite rule. Only allow yourself 3 bites of the “forbidden, favorite food”.  This way, you don’t feel deprived and get to enjoy the deliciousness.
  5. Zip yourself into some form fitting pants every other day to avoid unwanted pounds creeping up. If pants are tight, cut back that day.
  6. Be SUPER DUPER good on non-party days.
  7. Watch alcohol calories—they add up fast!
  8. Eat slowly and savor every bite!
  9. Don’t hang out near the food table.
  10. Don’t stress about being perfect. Simply balance out an indulgent day with a strict day.
  11. DO NOT skip your office visit. Yes, money can be tight and time high in demand, but the accountability and appetite suppressants could be key to your success.

Decide NOW that you will be well-balanced and successful with your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.  Then see how powerful you feel in January when you ring in the new year with confidence and excitement.

We are here to help!

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