How to Remain Consistent in Summer Months

By May 28, 2020 Weight Control

Consistency is a theme you will see over and over again in just about any blog or website you visit–including this one! Habits are hard to form and so very easy to get out of when they involve healthy decisions. Why is that?! It’s one of the many mysteries of the universe and one I wish would be solved. Hopefully someone will be able to tap into some unknown region of the brain and change that sometime soon.

This is going to be a short, encouraging blog – not meant to really inform but to motivate!

Everyone seems to be in a routine from September to May and then summer happens. For some reason, when the season changes to warm and sunny, the gyms empty and everyone forgets about all the healthy routines of winter. I’m not saying that is everyone, but it is a lot of people. I’m not saying anything is wrong with enjoying cocktails at the pool, but what about getting in that workout beforehand? Even if it’s a shortened version of what you usually do, it’ll at least be something! Or instead of staying indoors at the gym, swim laps or hike in that wonderful Vitamin D.  

Vacations are another thing that happen to derail the consistency you have so steadily built up over the winter. Who doesn’t love to eat all the yummy foods, drink the fruity-umbrella-cocktails, and lay on the beach doing absolutely nothing? It is usually well-deserved and a nice reward for 9 months of working and suffering in the cold, but do you go back to your routine once you get back? Why does it seem so hard to drag yourself back to the gym or buy the healthy items at the store? Here’s where mindset comes in. Pulling yourself back into a routine takes consistency and a determined mindset.

Weight gain can sneak up on you when consistency in a healthy routine lags. There’s no condemnation or judgment in letting things slip during the summer. I never will advocate for getting upset with yourself or going down the “I’m never going to change” mindset. You just take it one day at a time and remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time you are eating wonderfully and then 20% of the time you are eating those yummy little treats that keep you happy. If you slip out of your routine for a day or even 2 weeks on vacation, just start the next day. No matter how much you don’t want to or think you have too much to do, do it anyway. Those are the days you need to do it the most. You are more than capable of doing it. Mindset is key.

Summers are when the kids are home, parties happen, and generally very little is the same. Staying consistent can be the key to staying sane. Routines and consistency have shown to help maintain mental health in addition to maintaining your health. Stick with all the things you have been taught and have worked so well for you in the past, such as portion control, exercising, taking your supplements, and managing your stress levels. Consistency is what will help you maintain all the good you have done over the winter months, and it’ll be that much easier to ease into whatever your winter routine looks like come September.  You can do this!

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Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash