It’s Time for Change

By January 4, 2021 Weight Loss

New year, new start – are you ready?

There’s nothing like the beginning of a new year to make you feel reenergized and ready to take control. It’s the perfect opportunity to get started on goals that you have been putting off.

Physician’s Weight Control & Wellness Center can help you lose weight. We offer a place where you can be upfront about your concerns without the fear of judgement. We want to see you succeed and will offer the necessary support and expertise needed to make this a successful process.

Our society is constantly bombarded with diets, treatments, and drugs proclaiming to be the solution for weight loss – but it is difficult for the average person to subscribe to these trends with long-term results. Our office has 50+ years of specialized weight loss experience combined with extensive education, certification and accreditation from the Obesity Medicine Association. We have a proven success record with scientifically-backed results.

Selecting the most suitable weight loss treatment can be tricky. The best approach is a medically-proven plan administered by a board-certified bariatric physician. Their extensive training and certifications mean that our programs are not only safer for you, they are also more effective and longer lasting than the average commercial weight loss program.

How did your last weight loss plan go? Did you have a plan? Did you stick with it? Many diets fail because they do not address existing unhealthy habits. We’re here to help you establish lasting, healthy lifestyle choices and find alternatives to those unhealthy habits holding you back.

“I’ve tried every diet on the market. The staff at PWCC are real and honest about what you need to do with your weight loss plans. I’ve kept off 20 pounds and been published in Prevention Magazine! Thanks PWCC!” – Dawn Fuller, patient since 2016

At Physician’s Weight Control and Wellness, our weight loss programs are unique in that they are physician-guided and individually tailored to each patient. Because every patient is different, no two treatment plans are the same. The same philosophy applies to our nutrition consulting and coaching programs. These programs are designed to be the next step after meeting with our doctors to ensure your investment in your new lifestyle takes root.

Get in touch to get started! It’s time!


Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash