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The American Council on Exercise (ACE) provides information about safe and effective physical activity. Here are their answers to some frequently asked questions:

Will Exercise Help Me Live Longer?

Yes. Moderate exercise can help improve digestion and sleep, reduce stress, provide endurance and help manage lower back pain, arthritis and diabetes.

Can I Really Spot Reduce? If Not, What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Fat In Those Hard To Get At Places?

Exercise equipment may improve muscle tone, strength or endurance, but it can’t increase fat-burning in one particular area. To lose weight combine a low-fat diet with an exercise program that includes aerobic activity and strength training.

How Hard Must I Exercise For An Effect To Take Place? Will A Little Exercise Do Any Good?

Physical activity that is painful can be harmful. Moderate activity reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Even if you break up your daily 30-minute exercise into three sessions of 10 minutes, it can work.

Is There Any Value To Walking?

Yes. Walking regularly can help reduce blood pressure, increase cardiovascular endurance, boost bone strength, burn calories and keep weight down. Walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day if doing for exercise.

How Can I Achieve Washboard Abs?

A good cardiovascular program and diet combined with abdominal exercises performed correctly can tone stomach muscles.

Can I Get a Good Workout By Swimming or Doing Aqua Exercises?

Yes. Water exercise is non-impact and works for all ages. The buoyancy of water reduces the weight of a person by about 90% and encompasses cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.

Do Women Need to Worry about Bulking Up When Exercising?

No. Due to genetics, only 10% of women will build muscle. To avoid gaining bulk, concentrate on high repetitions, low weight and variety in your aerobic exercise routine.



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