Make a Thanksgiving Game Plan

By November 19, 2020 Weight Control

Thanksgiving is a week away. This year will look quite different than it has in past years as a result of COVID-19 and the necessary social distancing practices. Even still, there will be food – and probably a lot of it. Here are some past blog posts that can help you to make a game plan. As Nutrition Consultant Niki Claybrook says, “The key is to strategize.” Consider things like portion control and choosing more veggies rather than extra mashed potatoes.

How to Make Better Choices When Dining Out

This first post has to do with eating out with friends and planning what to order ahead of time. These tools can be used on Thanksgiving day as well.

“The key is to strategize. Want fajitas? Fine, but don’t get the tortillas, sour cream, and leave out the beans and rice as well. I always ask for extra pico to help boost the veggie content! If you just HAVE TO have the enchiladas, go ahead, but ask them to bring a to-go box with them and put at least 3/4 of it in there. Now you can enjoy it for longer. See – strategy! Treat brunch the same way: smaller portions or healthier versions of the dishes you love.”

The 80/20 Rule and How to Apply It

The 80/20 rule applies to portion control but also which foods you consume. So you want to have pumpkin pie for dessert on Thanksgiving? Perfectly fine! But then consider what you’ll have for your main course and plan accordingly:

“The goal of the 80/20 eating plan is that you are eating clean (i.e. no processed foods) including all your fruits and veggies 80% of the time. The last 20% can be used on something that makes you happy. The key to keeping to your 20% is portion control. Jenna at Physician’s Weight Control & Wellness describes portion control in a helpful way: “Think toddler-size portions.” I think this is a great way to look at your 20%. You still get to indulge in your favorite foods from time to time, but you are controlling how much you are eating. This is where willpower needs to come into play. This is the part that can be most challenging for a lot of people. Having willpower is a daily struggle for me personally. I listen to my heart and NOT my head! It is a very common struggle that everyone fights with, and it takes planning to get to a place where you can say no when faced with your favorite desserts. Having a strategy is key to making sure any changes you make will work.”

Managing Stress During the Holidays

Holidays and all the treats and heavy dishes that come along with them can add stress to an already stressful season. Consider this:

“Whichever method you choose, choose one that will work for you. If you indulge, do not stress over it! You have other days to eat the way you are learning to. It is not worth the added stress to an already stressful life. So the moral of the story is by learning to manage your stress or attempting to minimize your stress (i.e. just say no!) you can help aid in your weight loss and reach your goals a little faster. Having a de-stressing routine (meditating, journaling, or exercising) and having a clear strategy are key to your success.”

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