MYTH 7: Some Foods Simply Must Be Forbidden

By April 28, 2020 Weight Control

While it might strike you as odd, the notion that a person is going to successfully and permanently avoid a particular food – especially a highly palatable, physiological and psychologically rewarding one – is ridiculous. Inevitably, regardless of a person’s dietary or weight management desires, a situation will arise where even if it’s forbidden, he or she will choose to eat the “dangerous food.” Whether it’s a consequence of emotion, fatigue, stress, celebration, injury, or vacation, everyone knows that eventually, their forbidden foods are (at least temporarily) not always going to be forbidden.

Chocolate, ice-cream, cake, chips, pizza, peanut butter, Chinese food – everyone has food they struggle to control themselves around. For many, their strategy to deal with danger foods is to blindly restrict them – out of sight, out of mind, or so the theory goes. Some people even ask their spouses to hide their most common dietary temptations. Others will freeze chocolate bars, go on black-garbage bag-filling junk food purges, or tell friends that
they can’t join them on a regular outing because of the foods available at wherever it is the friends want to go. Oftentimes, the folks who rely on forbidden food as a weight management strategy are binge-eaters. They are the last folks who should live overly-restrictive lifestyles as studies clearly highlight overly restrictive diets as one of the primary drivers of binge eating.

To navigate the world’s dietary indulgences, a person needs to switch gears from being blindly restrictive to being thoughtfully reductive. Asking questions like “Is it worth the calories” and “What is the smallest amount of [insert forbidden food here] that I need to be happy?” can go a long way to temper forbidden-food-related weight management failure.

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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash