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By February 10, 2020 Nutrition
The science of nutrition has evolved much over the last several years. It was not long ago that counting calories was the only thing that was recommended for weight loss. In fact, many of the medically based weight loss programs were extremely restrictive (500 calories or less). It has been determined that that method can have lasting negative effects on health and metabolism.

We then evolved into prescribing extremely low fat diets. The food industry responded by producing and marketing many tasty, low fat products such as cookies, chips, cereals, etc. During this era we saw an INCREASE in obesity and diabetes throughout the world.

Portion size has also been a factor in our battle with obesity over the last several years. This is evident when eating in restaurants. The size of the meals are at least twice the amount of food that we should be eating. Even at home in our plate sets, the dinner plate is double the size which we should be eating. As a reference, remember that when McDonald’s first opened its doors, the only size hamburgers that they sold were the small hamburgers found in its happy meal today.

That was enough for an adult back then.

Our expectations have changed.

At Physicians Weight Control and Wellness Center, we utilize the nutritional science of today while learning from the mistakes of the past. Everyone’s metabolism and responses to certain foods and macronutrients is different. We take all factors (science, environmental and cultural) into account in creating a customized nutrition plan for the individual patient. There is no one-size-fits-all in medicine and certainly not in managing weight and wellness.

Most of our patients respond to a lower carb, moderate caloric restriction diet. We focus on utilizing the natural, nutrition rich foods as well as scientifically engineered food products and supplements when convenience is needed. We also teach how to survive in the restaurants and eat on the go. The success of our patients and the ability to learn and apply sound nutritional principles for weight loss and lifetime healthy living is what sets us apart from others.

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Photo by Sambazon on Unsplash