Our Bariatric Programs to Lose Weight

Our doctors do not perform weight loss surgery.  Our doctors provide regular, personal consultations to guide patients in their food choices and exercise program.  We also incorporate the use of appetite suppressants (diet pills) to help control portions and urges to binge.

  • Abandon the “dieting” concept.
  • No more “never agains” – modify quantities and frequencies.
  • Adopt a common sense portion control philosophy rather than deprivation.


  • While medication can assist you in losing weight, it is up to you to maintain your health through proper eating and not improper dieting.
  • You can eat through ANY medication. No pill or potion will make you put down the dessert or chocolate bar. You must do so of your own free will. This puts you back in control.
  • We have several medication combinations, including phentermine, and a number of additional supplements. We will find what works best for you.


  • It takes a great deal of exercise to offset excessive calorie intake.
  • Exercise was not designed specifically to lose weight, but it can help you feel better.
  • As a minimum, just increase activities of daily living (use stairs, park farther away, etc.).

How did your last weight loss plan go?