Weight Program

Initial Visit


This fee covers the cost of the exam and consultation with the doctor, blood testing, EKG, a lipotropic Vitamin B injection (optional) and any additional elements of the doctor’s prescribed treatment plan that are administered during that visit.

Return Visit


This established patient fee covers the cost of the consultation with the doctor and any additional elements of the treatment plan (including lipotropic Vitamin B injections) administered during that visit.

MRA (Mail-in Medical Refill Authorization)


This is a convenient way for busy patients to continue managed care with an authorized refill by mail or in person. Certain restrictions apply. Additional postage fees apply.

Return Visit with Lab/EKG update


(every 18 months)

Lab Panel




Lipo B injection only


(or 3 for $50)

Aesthetics Program



per unit

Hormone Program (Men)



Blood Testing


Testosterone + PSA


A decline in hormone levels will occur in almost all men and the impact on the quality of life can be significant for some. Low hormone levels can expose men to health problems such as heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

Saliva Kit


Hormone Program (Women)



($45 for weight pt)

Blood Testing


Saliva Kit


Nutritional Consulting

The Appetizer (60 min)


This 60-minute consultation is targeted for individuals that need direction with minimal oversight:
• One 60-minute health assessment (in person, via Skype or similar service, or phone)
• Recipe suggestions, advice on meal planning and applicable reference material
• Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

The Entree


A 13-week foundation program that launches you into your new holistic lifestyle with the coaching and guidance you need. This program will keep you on track with goal setting and frequent check-ins to ensure you’re meeting the goals we established at the beginning of the program.
• One 90-minute Intensive Sessions (in person or phone/video conference)
• Five regularly scheduled, 45-minute Follow up Sessions
• Food Journal Analysis
• Supplement analysis and recommendations
• Detailed follow up notes: includes action steps and handouts
• Personalized recipes, meal planning ideas and applicable reference material
• Unlimited Email Support
• Personal Health Assessment Re-evaluation
• Programs can be extended in 90-day blocks.

A la Carte Services


• Pantry Cleanout – I’ll come to your house, rummage through your kitchen and help you determine what’s worth keeping and what’s not. Plus, I’ll suggest healthy alternatives to your favorite foods.
• Grocery Store or Farmers Market Trip – Part of the educational process is understanding the difference between organic and non-organic and why buying local produce is so important. I’ll lead guided trips through grocery stores or farmers markets for local clients to educate you on what you should purchase.
• In-Home Cooking Demos – Presented in small groups or on an individual basis to local clients, I’ll show you the best way to prepare up to three items, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, so you’ll see that healthy meals don’t have to be a lengthy process.
• Customized Meal Planning – Completely customized one- and two-week meal plans that take the guess work on what to prepare, catering to your specific needs and helping you achieve your desired goals.
• Family Sessions – Introducing holistic nutrition to the whole family is important if you want your children to maintain a lifetime of healthy eating. This series of three meetings with the whole family turns individual efforts into a team effort.




(60 min initial session)



(45 min return session)

One Month Jaunt


(includes initial + 3 weekly sessions)

Three Month Journey


(includes the jaunt + 2 monthly follow-ups)