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The journey of weight loss methods over the years has been a winding one, moving from simply counting calories and prescribing low-fat diets to a more holistic understanding of nutrition. Early methods focused heavily on reducing caloric intake and fat consumption. However, these approaches often overlook the nutritional value of food and could negatively impact health and metabolism in the long run.

One significant contributor to the current obesity epidemic is portion size, especially when dining out. As restaurants began serving larger portions, our perception of an ‘appropriate’ portion size also grew. This trend has extended into home cooking, leading to increased calorie consumption even in home-prepared meals.

At Physicians Weight Control & Wellness, we understand that a successful weight management strategy needs to be personalized, considering not just the science of nutrition but also environmental and cultural factors. Each person’s metabolism and response to certain foods are unique, requiring a customized approach to nutrition.

We go beyond generic advice, working closely with patients to develop nutrition plans tailored to their individual needs. Our aim is to achieve sustainable weight management and overall wellness, not through restrictive diets, but through balanced, mindful eating. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here; every journey is unique, and we’re here to guide you on yours.

Proven Weight Loss Programs

Lasting Changes to Your Busy Lifestyle

At Physician’s Weight Control and Wellness, our weight loss programs are unique in that they are physician-guided and individually tailored to each patient. Because every patient is different, no two treatment plans are the same. Our patients’ personalized treatment plans include personalized consultations and can contain any or all of the following, depending on individual patients’ needs: medications, supplements, and lipotropic injections.

Personalized Results

Embark on a transformative 13-week (100-day) holistic nutrition journey with our expert holistic nutrition counselors to kickstart your holistic lifestyle. With dedicated coaching and guidance, this program will keep you on course with goal setting and frequent check-ins to ensure you’re aligned with the goals set at the program’s outset.

What’s Included:

  • A comprehensive 90-minute Intensive Session (in-person or via phone/video conference).
  • Five scheduled 45-minute Follow-up Sessions.
  • Thorough analysis of your food journal.
  • Expert supplement analysis and tailored recommendations.
  • Detailed follow-up notes featuring actionable steps and valuable handouts.
  • Personalized recipes, meal planning tips, and relevant reference materials.
  • Unlimited Email Support.
  • A comprehensive re-evaluation of your Personal Health Assessment.
  • Program extensions are available in convenient 90-day increments.

Join us on this holistic journey, where you’ll receive the support and guidance needed to embark on a path to lifelong well-being.

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