Best Books on Intermittent Fasting

By March 30, 2021 Diet Tips

Today we’d like to share a list via Women’s Health Magazine of the 10 best books on intermittent fasting – a topic Wellness Coach Shaun Miskelly has discussed on the blog before. It’s safe and effective and can become easy to do after forming the habit and setting eating times. Check out the full list here. Read the following from Women’s Health Magazine.

The Best Intermittent Fasting Books For Beginners

If you’re interested in health and nutrition, you’re probably hard-pressed to get through a convo with friends about food without talking about or hearing about intermittent fasting. Celebs swear by trendy intermittent fasting diets, and they’ve gotten a ton of buzz recently for being paired with the keto diet for major weight-loss success. So it’s surprise to see the uptick in intermittent fasting books on shelves along with the trend.

Fasting, in one way or another, has been around for way longer than you probably think. Intermittent fasting, or IF, basically involves not eating for a certain amount of time each day, essentially helping to reduce the amount of calories you consume without having to focus so much on what you’re eating—which makes it a super appealing diet option for peeps who aren’t interested in cutting carbs or going vegan (though you can certainly pair those diets with IF as well).

Intrigued? The thing about intermittent fasting is that there isn’t one right way to do it. There are so many different fasting schedules you can try, and each may have their own health benefits. Before you get started, it can be useful to read up on the history of fasting, what it can (and can’t) do for your body, and all the different ways you can incorporate it into your life. These top-rated intermittent fasting books on Amazon, penned by IF experts and nutrition researchers, are the perfect way to jump into the vast intermittent fasting world. Happy reading.

The Complete Guide to Fasting

This is like the Holy Grail of intermittent fasting books. Written by Jason Fung, MD, a Canadian nephrologist who’s been called “the fasting guru,” this book breaks down the various methods of fasting (like classic intermittent and even alternate-day and extended fasting) and offers recipes if you need a little inspo for what to munch on during your eating windows. It’s a great option for anybody who’s new to IF and wants a general overview and plan for getting started.

The Longevity Diet

Look, not everyone is interested in IF for weight loss, and that’s totally cool! This book breaks down how a diet much like some classic IF methods can improve your health and possibly help you live longer. It’s written by longevity researcher Valter Longo, PhD, and is based on what he calls a fasting-mimicking diet (FMD), which he developed through years of research.

The FastDiet

The first edition of this book got a ton of buzz when it came out, and this updated version includes new recipes and more recent science about IF. It was written by Michael Mosley, a med-student-turned-journalist, who documents his own journey with IF and how it helped him stay healthy and disease-free. He focuses on a kind of IF known as the 5:2 diet, which involves eating a limited amount of calories two days a week, and eating normally the rest of the week.

Eat Stop Eat

Created by Brad Pilon, the Eat Stop Eat diet involves eating normally five or six days of the week and fasting for the remaining days. Seems simple, but this kind of diet, which calls for 24 hours of fasting at a time, can be hard to maintain. The book explains the many potential benefits, like faster metabolism and lower blood sugar, that you could get from the Eat Stop Eat diet.

Intuitive Fasting

Written by Will Cole, a functional medicine doctor, (with a forward by wellness lover Gwyneth Paltrow), this book focuses on fasting in a flexible and intuitive way. If you’re not into the idea of following a set schedule for your fasts, but want to learn how to be more in touch with your hunger cues and stop eating out of habit, this is the book for you. Dr. Cole even lays out a four-week flexible fasting plan for you to follow.

See the full list here.

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