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Dr. Otto Puempel, D.O.

Dr Otto Puempel began practicing Family Medicine in a small office in central Arlington in 1963. He quickly saw a need in the medical field that had yet to be explored and streamlined his focus and commitment into the specialty of Obesity Medicine, also often called Bariatrics. Dr. Puempel has a passion for helping patients return to healthy living and remarks often that his patients teach him far more than he teaches them and enjoys visiting with some who still drop by just to catch up. Dr. Puempel soon realized there were more patients who needed help than he had time to give, so he expanded into a multi-site clinic with numerous physicians and practitioners to further the practice.

Dr. Chris Puempel, MD

After completion of my Family Medicine Residency at Methodist Hospitals of Dallas in 2005, I joined my father in medical practice here at Physicians Weight Control and Wellness. I am board certified in both Bariatric Medicine and Anti-Aging medicine. I am committed to continuing the standard that has been set by Dr Otto of compassionate, individualized care. It is my belief that true health and the best quality of life is a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health. I strive to incorporate that belief in my patient care and counseling.


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